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"Listen up for all the news"

Notice on Shiba Inus:
Lady had her pups 4/8/19.
There have been two deposits given: one for the black/tan girl
and one for a red girl.
There is only two more deposits to reserve a remaining pup from this litter.
one for a red girl and one for a red boy.
The deposit is $300 which is part of the total price of
$1500 for limited AKC registration.
Please call if you want to reserve a pup.
Notice on Mini Schnauzers:
Truffles should be in heat the end
of March. I want to breed her to my
champion bred Daystar Carper Diem.
If you'd like to reserve a Mini Schnauzer pup,
the deposit is $300, which is part of the total
price of $1200 for limited AKC registration.
Call if you want to reserve an upcoming
Mini Schnauzer pup.
There will be other litters in the near future, too.
Stay tuned....


On 9/6/16 at 11:00 a.m. my precious Rose of Sharon crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She had been my constant companion for 13 years. I feel so lost without her. She was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago with adenocarcinoma- widespread. There was nothing to do but to love her each day we had left. Suddenly Saturday she began to get weak and her breathing became shallower and faster. She would still manage to follow me at a slow walk, eat a little, but her whole body rocked as she breathed. Dr. Parker told me that her lungs were beginning to fill with fluid, or possibly the internal tumors were beginning to press on her lungs. I had someone tell me afterwards that meds could have taken away the fluids, but then what. How much of her whining was from pain? I loved her too much for her to just stay here for me. So I held her in my arms, whispered for her to meet me at the Rainbow Bridge, and told her how much I loved her over and over as she slipped into her peaceful sleep. As I asked, please pray for me. My dear sweet precious Sharon, I'll love you forever.




Looks like I'll be doing a lot of
baby, uh, puppy-sitting! 
Come back to see us,
ya hear!



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