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"Listen up for all the news"

Notice on Shiba Inus:

Due to my age and some health issues,
I have an intact red male Shiba Inu, Bo, for sale.
He is two years old and beautiful with a great coat.
He would make a great breeding male for someone.
He is a kennel dog, so to be a housedog he will
require some work on a leash  and crate training.
I've only had him a year, and I just don't have time
to put into him.
He is AKC registered

I also have a spayed red sesame female, Kiara, available as a pet.
She is only 4 years old, but due to pyometra, she had to be
spayed. She will make someone a great pet. She is crate trained
 and does well on a leash. She will need work for any other skills.
She is priced at $750.00.
She looks like the pics below, just a little more black hair on her back.

I may also have a red female, Lady,  that will require spaying as a pet.
She is older, 6 years, and will make someone a fantastic pet.
She is crate trained and does well on a leash. She is priced
at the amount for spaying and a health work up
(usually about $400 to $500. Whatever the price is for the vet
procedures is what I would need to be paid for her.

Notice on Mini Schnauzers:

Due to my age and some health issues,
 I have decided to rehome a few of my adult
Mini Schnauzers. They are black/silver.
There is an intact male and a female that would
make great pets for someone. These dogs are crate trained
and very loving dogs. They will need to have some work
on their other skills, such as leash work. I just don't ever
need to leash them and haven't had the time to
work them. They are free to good homes that will put
some time and love into them. The pics are the male when he
was a pup. Both dogs have the phantom markings.
Chantelle and Prince were bred during the week of Febreuary 12, 2020.
Their pups should be due April 15, 2020.
Chantelle is a dark salt/pepper and Prince is a black/silver.
They should have black/silvers and/or salt/pepper puppies.
This is Chantelle's first litter.
Call for more info.



Looks like I'll be doing a lot of
baby, uh, puppy-sitting! 
Come back to see us,
ya hear!



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