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"Listen up for all the news"

Notice on Shiba Inus:


I'm also looking for homes for my last two adult
Shibas.  These dogs have been kennel dogs and would
need work to become house dogs; however, it could
be done. That's why I'm offering them free to approved
homes. There is one 11 year old male (Shefu) and one
8 year old female (ChaCha). They are
all  still intact. I prefer to place these two together, since
I don't want to have just one left here alone. A fenced
in yard with a privacy fence is best. Then you wouldn't have
to walk them everyday. They would have their own back yard.

Call me for more info.

I am no longer breeding Shiba Inus.

Notice on Mini Schnauzers:

   I am no longer breeding Mini Schnauzers.



Looks like I'll be doing a lot of
baby, uh, puppy-sitting! 
Come back to see us,
ya hear!



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