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The  Kennel  Building
The kennel is a concrete building that is 40' X 30', including the covered
outdoor areas. This kennel is set in a two acre fenced area that can be
used for the dogs' exercise and play. Each of the kennels' covered areas
 is 12' X 10.'  Each run has a dog door leading into an interior
sleeping area that measures 10' X 5.'  The interior of the building
 is heated and cooled and has ceiling fans to keep the air
moving at all times. There are doors at each end of the building
for a flow through ventilation, when weather permits. I hope to
paint and landscape this spring.



The  Indoor  Pup/Dog  Room
 The "mothers to be" come into the house for closer
 monitoring a few weeks before their due dates.
They have individual large areas to stay in at night. During the
day, if weather permits, they go onto our screened back porch
that leads into our fenced back yard. Here they can enjoy the
 sunshine, and we can keep an eye on them. When they
 show signs of labor, they are put into a quiet enclosure
(usually in the den), and someone is there for constant
monitoring). I do not interfere with the birthing process
unless necessary.  After whelping, the mother and pups are
closely monitored for several days for body temperatures,
eating well, weight gain, etc.. After a few days when the pups
 and moms are stable, they are moved into an enclosure in our
 pup room for privacy. Below are pics of this room.
You will see the large mom & pup enclosures, some individual
crates, and some storage areas.This is definitely a
work in progress!




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