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My Policies

I love having visitors and understand that you will be more
 comfortable if you can visit and see the puppies.
 They may be seen with their dam, but I do ask that
 you exercise precaution when you know you are going to visit.
 No one wants to make a  puppy sick, so be sure and don't
 handle your dogs immediately prior to your visit to us.
learned that germs can very easily be brought into the
 environment from other pets, settings, etc.
After the pups have
 their first shot at six weeks, they will begin to build up
 immunities to outside germs. This is when the puppies
 may be handled without as much danger of them getting
 sick from outside germs. Also, due to liability,no one is
 allowed in the kennel or kennel yard. The kennels and
 kennel yard can easily be seen from our back porch and
 side yard. I
do not want to risk someone being injured
 or perhaps
taking in germs for which my dogs have no
immunities. As usual, visitors are welcomed into my home
 to see puppies and puppies' parents.
Thank you,



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