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My name is Miranda Brown. I'm located in Fairmount, GA. I have always loved horses and loved to draw. When I was little, I remember sitting and watching my cousin draw and paint. She would always ask me, "Don't you want to go play or something?"  I would just say, "Nope."  I'd just keep sittng there.  I loved watching the pictures "come to life", looking so real. 
I started doing my own little drawings, and over time I have gotten better and better.  All through middle and high school, I took all the art classes I could. I had awesome teachers that always encouraged me and still do..."smiles".  In high school I also took pottery classes and found that I enjoy doing that, too.  I work with many different mediums and canvas. I have even done some wood burning as well.  I also love all kinds of crafts-scrapbooking, making homemade cards, floral design, etc.. God has truely blessed me with these awesome talents, as well as family and friends who have always been there for me.
 "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams
I have several pieces available.
Following are a few.
Title: Show Still Life
Size: 19x32
Price: $150.00 (is now double matted)

Title: Sunset Run
Size: 11x14
Price: $45.00
 Title: Looking Out
Size: 11x12
Price: $60.00
Title: Paint
Size: 18x23
Price: $65.00
Title: Arabian Sunset
Price: $45.00
Title: Running Horses
Size: This is a big one; I haven't measured it.
Price: $200.00
Title: Arabian Poised and Pretty
Size: 8x10
Price: $40.00
Hand painted sign
Can also do custom signs, if requested.
Price: $25.00

Hand painted necklaces
Can also be customized.
Price: $25.00
Here are a few pieces of handmade pottery pieces I have avalible as well.

Tulip Vase
Price: $60.00

 City Scape Vase Price: $50.00

Yellow Rose and Humming bird

Price: $25.00

Here are also a few examples of some photography that I've done.

To see all of my Artwork and Photography please copy and paste the link below.




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