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 Personal Canine Family (my forever pets & my son's pets)

DayStar Tosha Two was one of our foundation females,
being both
AKC & CKC registered
She is such a sweetheart.
She is AKC & CKC registered. The pictures don't
show it very well, but she is a light silver with
phantom markings. She was a great mother and is a
fantastic companion.  

Sharon is the queen bee of the place. She was the "Sharon"
that I found for my male "Ozzie"
(remember when Ozzie and Sharon Osbourne were on television?).
She knows that she is very special. She sleeps on my bed, pouts if she doesn't think
 she has gotten enough attention, and insists on overseeing all the puppies,
 whether they are hers or not. She is definitely the queen bee.
 She was a wonderful mother to her pups, and is a great granny to all the others.

Sharon crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 09/06/16.
I just can't take her off this page.
She's always in my thoughts and heart.


Angel is the daughter of a black Mini we had in the past named Kaylee. Kaylee has gone
 on to her "forever" home. Angel gave us a litter of beautiful white babies.
She is now retired and will stay with
 Sharon, Tosha, & I as part of my "forever" family.


(My son named her/his pet)
This little girl has been retained for Jason's family.
 She is a toy sized daughter of
Tosha Two and Ozzie.
 At 12 weeks she weighed only 2.5 pounds. She is absolutely "spoiled rotten,"
 as the picture shows.  

(all grown up)
Pooper is now all grown up and beautiful. She is 10 " tall and has a beautiful, soft coat.
She is unbelievably gentle &  sweet-natured. She fits into his
personal canine family well.

(Ozzy X Sharon)
This little lady has become the personal pet for
Miranda. Since Khai has turned out to be a
beautiful, toy-sized doll,
we have decided not
to breed her. She is simply Miranda's very special
friend and cohort (and rotten!!).

As a pup & adolescent
All dressed up...

All Grown Up,
All 9 inches & 9 lbs. of her

You Guessed It!
Just What Was Needed.....Another Personal Pet!

     All 4.5 pounds of her

I actually bought Puddles as a young puppy. I thought from the size
 of her sire & dam she would mature around 9-10 pounds.
 NOT! For some reason she has stayed a little teacup doll.
 She also started out as a liver pepper, but I would now call
 her a
white chocolate. Anyway, she is a little doll
 and such
fun to be around.
She's really what you call
an " ankle biter."
She is now part of Jason's family of pets.


   DayStar Ozymandius- Ozzy- as he's known around here, was my first white Mini Schnauzer.
 He was the one who stole my heart and made me want to pursue these special little dogs.
 He is CKC registered, and he stands about 12 inches tall.
 He is built very square and always leaves his look on his puppies.
 He is a very devoted dog and definitely "one of a kind!"




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