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The  Rainbow  Bridge
My Friends who Have Crossed the "Rainbow Bridge"
 Circle  "C"  Baykal
(Jemal  X  Flicka)
Baykal was my first part Arabian horse. We became a team when I was only 12 years old, and he was four. The only attention he'd ever had was to be brought in from a life in the field, gelded, and shipped 1200 miles to Georgia to be sold. As he learned to trust me, a very unique, once-in-a-lifetime bond was formed. He taught me to be quite an equestrian, as well as a lover of God's world. We spent many hours, just Baykal and I, riding the trails, moving through the stillness of God's world. Later, we spent many hours in the show ring. Since Baykal was quite a "showman", I enjoyed several years traveling to horse shows. In Baykal's waning years, he continued to give me patience, trust, and a quiet strength. He always had that greeting nicker for me, and the loving head nudge that always turned into the full body rub. Baykal, I still miss you so. You were "one of a kind!"
I hope to ride you again someday, bareback, cantering across a green field with the wind blowing in our hair. 
SCF  Magic  Count
(*Lewisfield  Magic++  X   SCF Gay Countess)
4/13/82-- 2/6/10
"Even as an "ole" man, I think I look like my famous dad."
Count, as he was affectionately known around here, quietly passed away in his sleep, early in the morning of
February 6, 2010. Count was the 27 year old elderly statesman of the farm. He was a vital part of my life from the time he was 6 months old until almost his 28th birthday.
Count was my last horse of the Crabbet bloodlines, that I have loved for so many years. His sire, Lewisfield Magic++, was a National Champion in Western Pleasure. He also excelled in Halter, English Pleasure, and Park classes. Count's bloodlines were from
Al-Marah Arabians' Double R  program, which crossed
the Raffles lines on the Rissalix lines. Count was triple Rissalix
bred through Count Dorsaz. In his day, he was quite a beautiful
mover with the pizzazz that this breeding produces. As he
continued to age gracefully, he continued to be
the "boss" on this farm.
Only a few days prior to his death, Count was running, prancing, and  playing. Some of the pictures below, show him just a few days before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Count, I hope you are running in freedom with your head high and your tail carried like a flag, telling all that you are finally home. As you see your friends coming to greet you, rejoice that you will no longer be fettered to the pain and worries of the human's world. 
Enjoy your freedom and joy. You earned it.
You have made an indelible place in my heart and life, and you will be sadly and forever missed.
He always had that "greeting" nicker.       He always loved that food!
            (During the summer of 2009)

  He had that "look at me" attitude.   He loved to play, even at his age.
   (These pics were taken two months before his death)
       He was forever prancing to show off, even at his age.
        (Taken 3 days before his death

(Hi-Fashion Samien  X  Kharina Baskin)


She received a "Top Ten" award as a yearling at
The Egyptian Event

Samerica didn't come into my life until she was grown. She had been a beautiful, successful
filly in the show ring. Then, due to some hardships, her owners fell on hard times.
I had the wonderful opportunity to rescue her and see her once again bloom
into the magnificent horse she was. She brought me so much love and tenderness,
as well as breath-taking times when she projected her true desert charisma as
she moved freely with her head held high, her tail flagging in the wind, and her magnificent
powerfully high, yet fluid trotting motion. She also brought me a long sought dream
of a Pinto National Show Horse in her colt- JaJa Key Gambit (Bubba).
Her looks from her beautiful eyes and her hugs from her long
neck are missed every day. I'm sorry every day that your days
on earth with me were cut short, but I loved you too much
to keep you here in such pain. I let you go to fly over the
Rainbow Bridge (I know your hooves didn't touch it). I love you, Sam.
      Dear Baykal , Count, &  Sam,
  May You Prance Over the Rainbow Bridge,
 and Never Know Pain Again.......



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