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"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13

Home of
DayStar Shiba Inus & DayStar Miniature Schnauzers

Quality AKC Mini Schnauzers- salt/pepper, black/silver, black
Quality AKC Shiba Inus- reds, red sesames, (sometimes creme/white)

Last updated
Remember to put your relationship
with God first in 2020!

Due to the NEW USDA/APHIS REGULATIONS, I will not sell any puppies "sight-unseen."

I absolutely do not sell to pet stores or pet brokers!

**Daystar Farm and Kennels holds the right to reserve
pick of the litter.

Notice on Shiba Inus:
Due to my age and some health issues,
I have an intact red male Shiba Inu, Bo, for sale.
He is two years old and beautiful with a great coat.
He would make a great breeding male for someone.
He is a kennel dog, so to be a housedog he will
require some work on a leash  and crate training.
I've only had him a year, and I just don't have time
to put into him.
He is AKC registered

I also have a spayed red sesame female, Kiara, available as a pet.
She is only 4 years old, but due to pyometra, she had to be
spayed. She will make someone a great pet. She is crate trained
 and does well on a leash. She will need work for any other skills.
She is priced at $900.00.
She looks like the pics below, just a little more black hair on her back.

I may also have a red female, Lady,  that will require spaying as a pet.
She is older, 6 years, and will make someone a fantastic pet.
She is crate trained and does well on a leash. She is priced
at $500 plus the cost of the amount for spaying and a health work up
(usually about $300-$400).

Notice on Mini Schnauzers:
Due to my age and some health issues,
 I have decided to rehome an adult
Mini Schnauzer. She is black/silver.
She will make a great pet, so she will need to be spayed.
She is crate trained and
a very loving dog. She will need to have some work
on her other skills, such as leash work. I just don't ever
need to leash her and haven't had the time to
work her. She is priced at $500 which will cover the spaying and shots.
 The pics are of another black/silver pup I had. The female looks
like this, only grown. She has the phantom markings like in the pic.

Truffles and Johnny have been bred.
Their pups are due in about 8 weeks.
Those pups could be liver/tan, liver pepper, liver/white parti,
or white chocolate.
Stay tuned.....


DayStar Kennel is a small, privately owned kennel (licensed by the
state of Georgia & found to be in 100% compliance) that strives to
produce healthy (1 yr health guarantee), excellent quality pups

with healthy minds and wonderful temperaments.
Whether one wants a pup for showing or as a
wonderful pet, we have them. I strive to help people
find their perfect dog while I help our pups
find their very own forever families. Doing this has
really brought me so much joy, as well as some great
new friends.
My dogs are part of my extended
family and receive everything they need to be healthy
& happy dogs. They are born in my home and receive
hours of TLC for socialization skills with lots of people
and other dogs & cats. All my pups receive a vet check
at 7-8  weeks of age, come to you up-to-date with
shots/wormings, and come with a 1 year health guarantee
 against life threatening genetic problems.
I also send home with the pup some of its puppy food,
 chewey, toys, health records, and the AKC
paperwork. I also strive to always be a source of help for
the new owners should any questions or problems arise.
I accept PayPal for your convenience.
(See Placing a deposit page)

- - -Some of my extended "family"- - -

"Bubba"- National Show Horse
Keyoshi- Male Shiba Inu
(He's gone on to the Rainbow Bridge)
Sultanns Rose (RA Jahim x Etnasha)
Straight Egyptian Arabian mare
Mocha Latte & Prince- as youngsters...

Mini "snowflakes" Schnauzers



This site is dedicated to my parents,
John P. & 
Dean M. Perdue.
Without their support and love,
I would not be here today.
They always understood and
accepted my deep interests and love
for all of God's creatures-- great and
Thank you Mom & Dad!




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